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Electronic Signing

Streamlined services delivered to you instantly.

Electronic signing is a secure means of signing documentation, approved under the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 and accepted by the ATO. The process is highly secure with each document monitored, tracked and recorded in an audit trail.

To streamline the services we provide to you, documents requiring your signature will be sent to you for electronic signing. You will receive an email from us at noreply@pleasesign.com.au requesting you review and sign your documents. 

To securely sign:

  1. Upon receipt of the email, select ‘Review Document’.
  2. Select ‘Click to Proceed’ after reviewing the PleaseSign Electronic Signature Disclosure.
  3. Review the prepared financial reports and tax compliance documents.
  4. Select the area to sign where indicated and either upload, draw or choose your signature. Once satisfied with your signature, select ‘Adopt Signature’.
  5. Select ‘Next’ and sign at all indicated areas. Once all required signatures have been actioned, select ‘Click to Finish’. We are automatically notified that you have signed.
  6. Once all signatories have signed and we have processed the documents, you will receive a copy of the completed documents for your records.