Victorian Land Tax Relief & Stamp Duty Waiver

Victorian Land Tax Relief

Residential Properties

Landlords of residential properties who are unable to secure a tenant as a result of COVID-19, or who have provided rent relief to eligible tenants impacted by COVID-19, may be eligible for: 

Commercial Properties

Owner-occupiers of commercial properties who would be eligible for the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme as if they were a tenant, may be eligible for:

Vacant Residential Land Tax

2021 Vacant Residential Land Tax has been fully waived.

You can use the ‘Am I eligible for land tax relief due to coronavirus?’ tool to determine your eligibility. More information for Victorian Land Tax relief can be found on the State Revenue Office website.

Information on available Land Tax deferrals and reductions in other states can be found on their websites:

Victorian Stamp Duty Waiver on Property Transactions up to $1 million

Residential property transactions with contracts signed on or after 25 November 2020 and before 1 July 2021, of a dutiable value of up to $1 million, may be eligible for:

More information is available on the State Revenue Office website.